Tienfled- Home of a Hated Race

After Reaver lost the War of Uprising almost all Tieflings were hunted or discriminated against by most of the world of men, most by Humans who used to view Tieflings as a brother race due to there heritage. The betrayal and persecution of this race caused the kingdom to create a safety zone that the Tieflings could live peacefully amongst themselves and any who wished to enter.

Tienfled is a ghetto and is constantly guarded by the kings man that choose to protect this race. It is not a prison, thought some view it as just that, and they are free to leave if they wish. However Tieflings are feared and hated by most races and choose to stay there in terms of protecting themselves and there kin.

Many are angered by the treatment they receive and wish to exact revenge on the other races for causing this on them, as such few ever enter Tienfled. The leader, Peace, constantly gives speeches about one day joining the other races outside and the only they would do that is by going outside the walls of there home but doing so in peace and love not hate a violence. He is argued against by the other power in Tienfled, Revenge, who constantly talks about taking the power back that was once theirs.

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Tienfled- Home of a Hated Race

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