King of Algorath and is very benevolent believes in honor and respect before all else.


A blood red Dragonborn extreamly powerful and very proud, isn’t one to turn down a challenge. He wears modest clothing dispite being a king and is known to shop and walk around even with commoners making him well liked. Brash and outright with his intentions he believes deceit lies and treachery are marks against honor.


Rishka is a very skilled leader gaining power after his father died of old age, he was the eldest son and took the throne as is his birthright. His sibling went out and made there mark on the world as smiths, priests, and warlords. He learned much from his father and from watching, he realized in order to know your people you have to be with them and trust them. This started his outings into market squares and to commoner temples. While the people love him he is sometimes mistaken as a commoner to those who have never been Algorath.


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