Leader in the War of the Uprising


Reaver is a Tiefling, mostly black in color with deep red extravagant horns that curled around his ears. His eyes were bright Red almost glowing, in apperence that gave a very ominous look about him which unsettled many. Extreamly arrogant immpatient and blunt, yet he was one of the greatest tacticians and was extreamly charasmatic.


Reaver was a Arcane powerhouse, he was able to cause water to be poisioned and food to decay, along with mastery control of elements and summons of vast power. He believed he was in direct control of the world and as such that he should rule it. He stated an uprising with the other Arcane useres preaching that they were in face superior to all others. He was an amazing tactician but far to rash and believed that he could do no wrong. As such, while amazing with his attacks and stron military force, his impatience and arogance lead to his own down fall.

He was captured and has his head cut off. It was thrown into the sea and with it the start of the Arcane genocide began.


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