Believes his way, and only his way, is the right way


Deva that is extreamly close minded, gained the rank of high preist at a young age and is a very strong Invoker, refuses all other beliefs regardless of what others may try to say. Is current leader that is under constant threat of assassination. He hasn’t ruled very long but is extreamly unliked despite that he hasn’t increased taxes or really done anything wrong with in the city limits of Alzorath

Is under constant threat of assassination against the Holy fighters of Bahamut.


Gained his high preist rank at a young age, even for a Deva, and is exrtreamly smart and wize. Lacks the social skills to properly lead though, this is mainly due to his close mindedness, and flamboyant disregard for other peoples beliefs. Still he has never really done anything wrong and is unawares of the threat posed to him by the fighters of Bahamut. His holy Paladins are well aware and protect there priest with there lives, causing them to be both fearful and cautiouse especially when talking to strangers or forgeiners.


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