The Lost Knowledge of Magic

Many years ago a great war, now called the War of Catacombs, erupted in the land of Algorath which caused a large increase in the use of magical abilities. Arcane forces soon ruled the land allowing magical king and generals to fight with many new powers and tactics. Eventually even those powers grew and soon, through practice and research, these powers became how one ruled and controlled there land.

A few generations later the Arcane forces subsided and everything went back to a semi-normal state. Eventually one ruler, Reaver a Tiefling with a superior magical power, started to cause an uprising in the other Arcane users causing yet another war now known as the War of Uprisings.

The arcane forces bent on ruling the world inevitably lost there fight. Yet while not all of the arcane users participated in this war, and those fighting for freedom, suffers an arcane genocide for having there abilities. The hunt caused many upon many of the arcane users to die. Now, many generations later, the use of arcane powers is non-existent. Fey races like Eladrin and Gnomes are nothing more than stories old tales and folklore. Magic has left this world but soon it will arise again, then how will this intolerable kingdom handle a new resurgence of these mystical arcane forces.

No More Magic